Thursday, January 28, 2010

The story of the spear (Mao2) and the shield (Dun4)

This is the origin of a Chinese phrase "Mao2 Dun4" 矛盾, which was brought into the modern usage of the language through this story.

There was once a weaponry seller. He sold shields and swords and he often shouted to the crowd for buyers, saying "Look! This spear I have here can penetrate anything! Nothing in this world can escape the fate of destruction from this spear! Not even the sturdiest, hardest shield!"

Then, he would go on introducing his other weapons.
"Look! This shield I have is totally impenetrable! Nothing in this world can go through this shield! Even the sharpest, hardest spear!"

A man from the crowd, after listening, asked this seller.
"What if I use the spear you mentioned to stab that shield you sell? Would the spear successfully penetrate, or would the shield remain in one piece?"

The seller kept quiet in shame.

Hence, if you were to describe a situation similar to the story, you may use the phrase Mao2 Dun4 in Chinese.


Sometimes, you just have to let things pass by into oblivion in order to live stress-free. Though there will be times when people are just too blind to see the truth behind every accusations and rumors that spoil your reputation being spread around. If you find yourself innocent, then there's no difficulty living with false rumors and lies, just keep in mind that you're right. Though they may break impressions of others towards you, you will eventually prove them wrong.

If you can't hold onto something, you might as well let go and find new ones, whatever that might be. As example, being in pursuit of an unachievable dream or wishing for something that would never come to you. If you can't have it, leave it. What should be yours, could be yours, would be yours.

Fragrance of rice (Jay Chou) lyrics:
If you can't achieve a dream, how about changing it to a new one?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Charity Show

I'm on a good mood today. I went to a charity show taking place in the school hall. It's held by the LEO club of our school and the money collected for every ticket sold will be given as charity. The show was marvelous. The dancers performed their show with grace whereas the singer sang with the best voice he could make. The two pianist had produced melody so nice it's absolute beauty to the ears of every beholder. Good show, people! Keep it up! I'll be supporting you always!

For the future, we stand and fight.

We shall undermine every variables,
overcome any impossibilities,
and defy all odds we encounter.
against the typical we stand.
And explore the unexplored.
Let us be the most outstanding
and the most respected.
For we'd promised the world,
that we'd make it
a bright flawless future,
no longer the times we had before.
Let science and art illuminate
our solemn path
in realizing everything
we'd ever dreamed of.
For our children
and mankind, we fight
a war where no blood sheds,
and no person cries in fear.
Where the dark shadows of death
reaches no one.
For we fight for replacing
the dark empty corners of the mind
with the illumination of knowledge
And we would die fighting
In the endeavor for the faith
Of having today
better than yesterday
And tomorrow and henceforth
better than today.

A Hokkien Idiom

Hokkien is a dialect of Min Nan Chinese spoken in southern Fujian, Taiwan and by many overseas Chinese throughout Southeast Asia. Though, it's not an official written language, yet.
Here's something you can laugh at. We Hokkiens would describe anyone lazy by saying,

Lu Ca Chiu Eng Guey Huey Siow Lan!

It literally means that your hand and legs are lazier than the monk's dick.

A Chinese Idiom

It literally means that everything we've been fighting for, will be gone when we leave this world.
No matter how much we'd persevered; no matter how far we'd gone in achieving our dreams;
no matter victory or failure;
the sunset will paint the earth in red as always.

La Arte Di Iscritto

La arte di iscritto (the art of writing) can be easily mastered by anyone! No joking, we all know how to express our thoughts verbally, so there's nothing really hard about leaning to write, as an alternative way to deliver messages to others. The best way to get the hang of the skill is to have lots and lots of practice. It's a cliche but a true fact. I have yet to completely dominate this language though I had used up hours everyday writing. Nonetheless, I found out that I wrote smoother after dozens of practices. If you asked me what practices you should do, I recommend you to copy out every good sentences you came across, be them from books, magazines or newspapers you read every morning. Read and you understand, write and you remember, do and you'll master.

Spanish Idiom

Se ti sabir,
ti respondir.
Se non sabir,
Tazir, Tazir.

(If you know, you answer.
If you don't know, shut up! >.<)