Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sometimes, you just have to let things pass by into oblivion in order to live stress-free. Though there will be times when people are just too blind to see the truth behind every accusations and rumors that spoil your reputation being spread around. If you find yourself innocent, then there's no difficulty living with false rumors and lies, just keep in mind that you're right. Though they may break impressions of others towards you, you will eventually prove them wrong.

If you can't hold onto something, you might as well let go and find new ones, whatever that might be. As example, being in pursuit of an unachievable dream or wishing for something that would never come to you. If you can't have it, leave it. What should be yours, could be yours, would be yours.

Fragrance of rice (Jay Chou) lyrics:
If you can't achieve a dream, how about changing it to a new one?

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