Thursday, January 21, 2010

For the future, we stand and fight.

We shall undermine every variables,
overcome any impossibilities,
and defy all odds we encounter.
against the typical we stand.
And explore the unexplored.
Let us be the most outstanding
and the most respected.
For we'd promised the world,
that we'd make it
a bright flawless future,
no longer the times we had before.
Let science and art illuminate
our solemn path
in realizing everything
we'd ever dreamed of.
For our children
and mankind, we fight
a war where no blood sheds,
and no person cries in fear.
Where the dark shadows of death
reaches no one.
For we fight for replacing
the dark empty corners of the mind
with the illumination of knowledge
And we would die fighting
In the endeavor for the faith
Of having today
better than yesterday
And tomorrow and henceforth
better than today.

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