Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Essay: Was is wrong.

In the times of war, bullets flied and people died in red pools of innocent blood. War emerges from many reasons. And from ages to ages, wars have become the most feared disaster ever known to mankind. It happens in a snap, and nations would burn and people with suffer in agony and pain. Blood begets blood. One drop spilt, more to come. Take World War Two for instance, Germany was a brutish force. Hitler led his men to vast annihilation of Jewish men. So poor the fate of Jews of the old. Thousand were killed. Millions grieved and blamed and enraged. War was wrong right from the start. But it happened still and killed so many and smeared dark patch of clotted blood in the pieces of recorded time. And the one reason that drives this holocaust is no other than the brazen ignorance of men. Childish, dark desires of conquering others in the name of one nation and fattening the people of that one nation. Regardless of what torments others endured.

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