Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Advanced writing.

If you're writing something, you write it for a purpose. The purpose differs from one writer to another, and it determines the different style of composing your writings. That generic structure of your essay is what we call genre (jon-rey).

Story writing
When writing a story, you start in setting the orientations. That is- the who, where, what, when and how. Then you have to convey the events or the things happened to the readers. Continuously, you need to make the story complicated, that is to put a climax in the story, or in other words, produce a problem to be solved. The last thing you do is to give a resolution to the story. That's where you solve the problems you made up.

In short, the rules in composing an interesting story is to follow the flow.
Orientation, events, complications, resolution.

Relational Processes
The process may be an action, mental, verbal, relational or existential. When writing an essay, the processes are to classify, identify and to clarify possessions. As an example of an identification, read the sentence- Shrek is an ogre. The word 'is' is the process in the sentence exemplified. The identification of the things in a story is like saying- N is PM of Mal., where, N=PM of Mal.. Possessions are explained to the readers like this- Mr. X has a funny face. The word 'has' explains Mr. X's possessions.
So the whole thing would be like this- My sister is so crazy. She's the most loved person in my house and she has everything she wants.

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