Sunday, March 2, 2014

Maybe, you're my Wonderwall

Just maybe, you're gonna be the one that will save my soul eventually, the one with the power to bring me forward, to complete me and teach me about life.

Just maybe, for all the things that we've been through up till our break up and reunion of some sort,
just maybe, and definitely that I will change my habits, mood and temper,
maybe we could be together for long enough. Maybe we'll stay like this forever.

Maybe, if this is what life disagrees with, I'll start all over again, set out a new quest for something that I've already had before.
But better? Not sure, but pretty sure it'll come with much need for change.
Maybe if this is what life intends, I will come back. We will come back.

And I'm lost. Lost between the two controversial lines of need and want.
What I had been given, I lost and give it back away in equal amounts if not more.
On a line with two ends I can't see what infliction I made upon you, but I can only guess,
from your vibe, your eyes and the empty holes for words unpresent.

With a shrug and a sigh, followed with an empty hope and a handful of regrets and intends for redemption, a fear inside that this unnecessary primitive testosterone-driven ego will reemerge to fuck things up,
I live with it and I know I will not go through this well. But there's more things than life itself that won't wait for me. You, for instance.

I don't believe anybody feels the way I do about you now.


  1. 3am huh? she must be one hell of a babe to keep you this late. Cheer up, you might find another person who connects with you better than her in future. Sure, it will never be the same (been there, done that).

    Time will heal and hope that you can move on, just like I did.

    Peace from Sabah.

    PS: Nice choice of music.

    1. Or you could be back together again, like you said. Let's see what Destiny has in store for you.