Thursday, June 17, 2010


There was a man, who stayed in a wooden cottage in the countryside. He wasn't poor, but he wasn't the slightest bit of what you call rich either.

And there was a neighbour of his who lived their whole life in a broken cottage. There lived a mother and a daughter. Apart from paying some domestic bills, they were so poor they couldn't afford anything more than some food to relieve their hunger every once in a while.

One day, there was a black-out. The night sky covers the land in darkness. Light rain-drops fell and soon a heavy downpour came. The two cottages were without electricity and surrounded in total blackness.

The daughter of the man's neighbour came knocking his door.

"Yes?" asked he to the girl.

"Sir, do you happen to have any candles?" asked she.

The man thought, 'If I lend this child my candles, she would grow dependent on me. Then she and her mother would know my generousity, and they would come for more.'

Therefore he shouted at the girl, "No! Be gone! I have no candles for you! Leave!"

Just when the man was about to slam the door, a wide innocent smile flared on the girl's face.

"Oh, sir! I knew you had no candles, so I've brought two for you. We have just three but my mom and I can share just one. But you living alone must be strong against the cold tonight! Here, have a great night!" said the girl, so happily, so willingly.

The man, in silence, cried in his heart. In remorse of his selfishness.

The man hold the girl closely in his arms and said, "Come live with me tonight. Tell your mother. We will share our candles."

...If only we let our nature guide us rather than the self-importance, imagine how this world could be.

Heal the world. Make it a better place.

Originally made by Cj Han.

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